If your business model relies on using workers that you classify as “independent contractors” the latest interpretation from the US Department of Labor should be of extreme concern you. Hat tip to Attorney Tristan Pettit for alerting me to this. I have written a number of post about the dangers of calling a worker an independent […]


  Remember  Your handyman – cheap contractor or $60,000 mistake? Many of you attended the Apartment Association’s Meeting earlier this month featuring employment law attorney John Murray. Here is a link to the State of Wisconsin’s guidance on the issue.  Most owners I’ve met that call their workers contractors fail on four or more of the test […]


We use employees almost exclusively, for a number of reasons. Worker Comp insurance is important as your homeowner’s policy does not cover people working on your property. More importantly the tax implications if a contractor is reclassified as an employee. Why is the tax issue more important than the workers comp? You can and should […]


A reader writes of the frustration he was having after being charged by the city for mattresses dumped at his property that were not from his tenants.  With the ever exploding bedbug problems in urban areas, there are a lot more mattresses hitting the garbage. We had a similar problem with properties in Milwaukee.  At […]


Sewer, water and municipal service fees have become a major operating expense.  I’m sure these runaway fees have lead to the failure of many newer, under capitalized owners. Last month the law changed on municipal utility charges, making it more practical to have tenants be responsible for these charges.  We owe a lot of thanks […]

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