Jun 26

A valid question asked in response to the AASEW’s EPA comments:

Thanks for these comments. You devote a lot of energy to criticizing the rule. Given the health problems caused by lead-based paint, what kind of rule should the EPA write? Let me know, and thanks.

My reply (edited to remove at least a few of my many typos):

The very short version

Everyone who works on older housing should receive lead safe training.  Such training could be accomplished in four hours and should be provided at no or low cost to anyone desiring it.

Our association provided this type of training to our members until our state health department required that only lead training course certified by them could be provided in WI.

A more detail explanation with support documents:

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Jun 26

Yes, folks, as we our industry and contracting community are barely getting a grasp on the two month old EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting [RRP] lead paint training and certification rule they want to up the stakes.

The real game changer is the proposal to require laboratory testing for dust clearance at a cost of at least $160 per job, but more realistically $480 for most jobs.  This includes jobs as small as fixing a single window frame or broken door jamb.

Comment period to the EPA ends July 6th, 2010.

You can get a copy of the proposed rule, where to submit comments and read the Apartment Association of Southeastern WI, Inc.’s comments to the EPA at:


Mar 31

Normally I do not use this site to promote sales of any type.  However the require EPA training is important and the Apartment Association is offering a significant discount.


The next class is now scheduled for Saturday, April 17th, from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. in Milwaukee

By now you should all be aware of the new lead paint rules that will affect your business, with an effective date of 4/22/10.  If not follow this link and weep.

The Apartment Association of SE WI has made arrangements with a Wisconsin certified training company to offer these one day courses at $180 for members and $240 for non-members.  This is a very good price.  For example Milwaukee Lead Information Center charges $260 for the same course.

The first classes have been filled.  The Association is preparing more courses.  If you are interested please contact Paulette at the association office:


As with all of AASEW courses it is first come first served.  Even I could not get as many employees certified in the first session as I had wished.

Nov 09

Owners of pre-1978 properties:  It’s going to get much more expensive to make repairs come next April due to the EPA Renovator Rule.

You may have heard the recent Window World ads for their $185 installed vinyl replacement windows. In the ad they warn you to replace your windows now because their price goes up by $100 in April 2010.  Why is this?

It’s the new EPA Renovator rule

The rule affects most people who perform maintenance on residential properties, daycares and schools.  Contractors performing work on owner occupied homes are also required to comply.

And no, this is not just a painter rule. Property owners, landlords, plumbers,electricians, HVAC, maintenance and handymen all will be affected by the new certification disclosure, documentation and training requirements, too.  EPA documentation is at English (PDF)

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