Sep 10

A few other cases of note similar to Gallagher, Steinhauser, Harrilal et al(rental property owners) vs St. Paul, MN et al.

Armendariz v. Penman (9th Circuit)

An equal protection claim could be established for enforcement of housing and fire codes in an arbitrary and invidiously discriminatory manner.

Read the rest of the post for more cases and be sure to add the ones you know ot the comment section.

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Sep 01

City of St. Paul Inspection Dept to go to trial for Fair Housing violations.

Federal Court of Appeals ruled today that the combined cases of  Gallagher, Steinhauser,Harrilal (rental property owners) vs St. Paul will go to trial.

This is a very important case on code enforcement being used in a discriminatory manner.  Continue on to read the highlights with inks to the most recent decision.

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