Jan 09

Attorney Tristan Pettit is presenting the Landlord Boot Camp again this February.  Prior Boot Camps were very well received, with positive feed back from all that attended

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Oct 13

A commentary on tenant’s perception of their responsibilities.

We had a tenant that placed a lit candle in her window and then left to the store.   She was gone so long that the candle burned to the bottom and  the resulting pool of wax ignited.   Luckily a neighbor witnessed the flame in the window and called the Fire Department, who quickly extinguished the fire.

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Aug 04

As a rental property owner in Milwaukee the following items should rank high on your list of concerns. (Just a draft) Continue reading »

Feb 17

No single idea, thought or policy has done as much harm to urban American than the political expediency of ignoring occupants’ responsibilities.  While Milwaukee certainly does not maintain a monopoly on these ill-conceived ideas, we are a front runner.

Take today’s Journal article on snow removal as a timely, but far from unique example.

“A city ordinance requires snow and ice to be removed or prevented from posing a hazard on sidewalks within 24 hours after snow has stopped falling. If the city is forced to provide the service, property owners – not their renters – are charged $93 for a 60-foot lot and a $25 administration fee for the first occurrence. That administration fee grows to $50 for each subsequent occurrence”

Any tenant reading this article thinks ‘And here that no good son of a sewer rat I rent from put in the lease that I had to shovel.  Even the Journal says it’s his job, not mine.  No way I’m going out there in the cold and do his job!.’ Continue reading »

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