Jun 13

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Not sure what it means to you as a landlord?  Do not miss one of the most important Apartment Association meetings of the year!

Tristan Pettit, Heiner Giese, Bob Anderson of Legal Action of Wisconsin  and others will discuss the changes in the law and what it means to you as a landlord and how to be compliant.

When:   Monday June  18th 7 PM

Where:  The Best Western, 1005 S. Moorland Road, in Brookfield

Who: AASEW Attorneys Tristan Pettit and Heiner Geise along with Bob Anderson, a tenant advocate attorney to present an opposing view.

Cost:  Free to current AASEW members, $25 to guests, or $59 with a 2012 AASEW membership included.

The focus of the meeting will be on Wisconsin’s new Landlord Omnibus Law (Act 143).  We will have two landlord attorneys (myself and AASEW attorney Heiner Giese) and one tenant attorney (Bob Andersen of Legal Action of WI) on our panel.

We will discuss the major changes to the law, give our opinions as to how those changes will be interpreted by courts, and advise you as to what you will need to do to be in compliance with the new law.  Oh yeah . . .  and we will also answer your questions.

And you will get FREE food as well.

The meeting will be held at the Best Western Hotel located at 1005 S. Moorland Road in Brookfield WI.

Cost to attend is free to members of the AASEW and $25 for non-members (or choose to become a member and pay only $59 and avoid the $25 fee).

It should be a great evening of discussion and education.  I hope that all of you can attend.

Apr 28

Wisconsin’s Act 143 Landlord Omnibus bill has been of great concern to owners that have read the content as well those who have read the Legislative Council memo on the bill.

AASEW Attorney Heiner Geise had researched this a bit and came to the conclusion it is not quite as bad as originally thought.  He received an opinion consistent with his view from the Leg Council.

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Mar 23

The Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Omnibus bill was signed into law by Governor Scott Walker around 4 PM March 21st, 2012.  You must be in compliance with the provisions for tenancies  entered into beginning April 1st.

One thing the bill does is add a new prohibited lease provision:

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Mar 22

The enrolled version of the bill (a copy with all the amendments  incorporated and as signed by the Governor)  was released late yesterday.

As you look at the part of your lease that addresses criminal activity I am thinking that adding “… unless the tenant could not reasonably have prevented the crime”  should keep your lease valid, but have not reviewed this in depth with our attorneys.

Now go modify your leases to take advantage of the benefits and to avoid running afoul of the other changes.  That is what we will be working on for the next ten days before a new lease is required.

Mar 20

The Landlord Omnibus bill was fast tracked, being introduced on 2/13/12,  passed by the Senate on March 14th, adopted by the Assembly on March 15th and will be signed into law on Mar 21st (tomorrow).  While the bill addresses many issues in a positive manner for landlords, it also is going to require revisions to your future rental agreements.

The changes required that I see so far are:

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