Nov 18

These are the reference links I use everyday
– Tim Ballering, Affordable Rentals Milwaukee, WI

Property Info:
. . DNS. . . . . Assessor
City of Milwaukee Wisconsin Home Page
Milwaukee Journal DNS Phone List Maps
Weather Create an LLC on-line Apply for FEIN
Mortgage Calculator Sex Offender Maps Foreign Language Tools
Wisconsin Law Library Wisconsin MLS Fox 6

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Nov 10

A couple property owners approached me stating they have received notice from the Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services (DNS) that they must obtain new occupancy certificates on properties they purchased a couple of years ago.  In both cases the properties had been in foreclosure.

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Nov 09

Owners of pre-1978 properties:  It’s going to get much more expensive to make repairs come next April due to the EPA Renovator Rule.

You may have heard the recent Window World ads for their $185 installed vinyl replacement windows. In the ad they warn you to replace your windows now because their price goes up by $100 in April 2010.  Why is this?

It’s the new EPA Renovator rule

The rule affects most people who perform maintenance on residential properties, daycares and schools.  Contractors performing work on owner occupied homes are also required to comply.

And no, this is not just a painter rule. Property owners, landlords, plumbers,electricians, HVAC, maintenance and handymen all will be affected by the new certification disclosure, documentation and training requirements, too.  EPA documentation is at English (PDF)

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Nov 04

Wisconsin Code  ATCP 134 requires an owner to return a security deposit within 21 days of surrender of the premises.  This seams easy if the tenant gives proper notice and moves out when they should.  But what if they don’t? Continue reading »

Nov 02

From the  New York Post article ‘DIRTY’ WORDS IN ADS

Here are seven dirty words you can’t say in real-estate ads: exclusive, quiet, private, bachelor, kids, walking and playroom.

Yet HUD’s Fair Housing enforcement guidelines appear to be more reasonable and contradict this article.

Use of the term master bedroom does not constitute a violation of either the sex discrimination provisions or the race discrimination provisions. Terms such as “mother-in-law suite” and “bachelor apartment” are commonly used as physical descriptions of housing units and do not violate the Act

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