May 01

Yes.  If the property was previously weatherized and received a cert, all you have to do is record the satisfaction.  If not then you must get the certification.

If you are not sure, search for the property at:

Not that the search has a few misspellings of Milwaukee, so check all of them.

If it is certified and you do not have a copy and the cert was not previously recorded get the format receive a duplicate at:

Check the box for “Request for Duplicate of a Previously Issued Certificate of Compliance.”  There is a $50 fee, which is less than the cost of a new DILHR inspection.

Oct 10

In Wisconsin rental properties must meet a minimum weatherization standard when sold after 1/1/1985.  The rules are set out in the Administrative Code SPS 367

An owner writes with some questions on these requirements:


I am selling a duplex and it is to be kept as a rental—–bought it 15 years ago

Do you have a suggestion for a re-inspection and approval?

Does the buyer or seller pay for the inspection/updating?


If you bought it 15 years ago it had to have been DILHR’d.  They are good for the life of the building.  All you need to do is record the cert.  Cost is $35 at the Register of Deeds at the Courthouse.

If you lost the cert you can get a recordable copy for $50 by filing out this form

To look up your property to see if it was done check the Wisconsin Rental Weatherization Database

If it wasn’t done, then either you can do it before sale or the buyer can enter into a stipulation to do it within a year of purchase.

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