Aug 23

Crowdsourced / Group Buying / Discount Buyers Club for Property Managers.

I am always looking for a new ways to use ideas from other industries for our rental property business.  Affordable Rentals’ cafeteria style management was lifted from the concept of farmer’s co-ops.  I read scores of USDA info on farmer’s co-ops before putting the plan in place. Individual farmers could not afford many of the capital intensive tools and resources, but a collection of farmers could and thereby compete with or supply the corporate agribusinesses.

Well the latest idea is similar. Continue reading »

Aug 09

A reader of the ApartmentAssoc Yahoo Group asks:

What is the size of Residential apartment industry in Southeast of Wisconsin?

It is pretty big. I haven’t gone through the work to assemble this data recently, but here is some older data. Assembling fresh data should be less today due to the amount of information you can find on the internet these days.

Ten years ago there were 25,000 rental owners in the City of Milwaukee and 31,000 if you included owner occupied duplexes and fours. Continue reading »

Aug 04

As a rental property owner in Milwaukee the following items should rank high on your list of concerns. (Just a draft) Continue reading »

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