Sep 27

On August 25th we evicted a tenant.  The court stayed the writ (a court order for the Sheriff to remove the  tenant) until August 28th.  On September  6th we turn the eviction into the Sheriff, who performs the move on September 14th.

The day following the move we receive notice that the tenant has filed bankruptcy on the 7th – the day after we turned in  the writ.  This was followed the next day by a notice that she is demanding a hearing in Federal Court, seeking sanctions against us alleging we violated the  automatic stay granted by bankruptcy by not stopping the move.

So what is the law? Continue reading »

Sep 07


As you read the case Ryan Richardson and Ryan Smith are the neighbor defendants.  Neil Hilfinger was the owner/landlord.

Here is a HUD Fair Housing case where neighbors used complaints to the city and landlord to try and force a Black family to vacate.  Well, actually the neighbors succeeded in forcing the family out, which probably was to the neighbors greater detriment.

The neighbors now are facing fines of $16,000 per violation each.   Continue reading »

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