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  • “You wouldn’t believe how many evictions I do for less than $100 in arrears on rent,” Colon told the Greater Milwaukee Foundation at a recent meeting kicking off its “A Milwaukee for All” strategic plan. “You would not believe it.”
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has hit renters hard nationwide, with data from the US Census Bureau and the National Multifamily Housing Council showing that millions have missed rent payments or lack
  • Rent control in New York City after World War II is another sobering example of unintended consequences. Originally intended to provide returning veterans with affordable housing, the city’s housing commission capped rent prices (and ability of landlord to raise them) in certain areas of the city. Affordable housing for veterans is a noble policy, right? […]
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic nears its one-year mark in the United States, millions of people are still unable to make their monthly rent payments. In Oregon, an estimated 11.7 percent of the leased households did not pay rent in January, and recent US Census data find that an estimated 89,000 Oregonians currently owe some amount […]
  • Home prices are rising coast to coast and are outstripping wages and rents. Some say it's another housing bubble. But it's nothing like the mid 2000s.
  • With management solved, SFRs make more sense for multifamily companies. With single-family rentals outperforming multifamily in many cases, builders in other sectors are starting to take notice. ”The buzzword right now is build-for-rent,” says Michael Carey, senior director at Altus Group. “Companies are building out whole communities of build-for-rent [housing]. You’re seeing a lot of […]
  • Cities can’t do battle with the eviction crisis without good eviction data. City leaders need granular, real-time information if they want to crack down on landlords who are turning tenants out illegally, or to equitably distribute the billions of dollars in rental assistance flowing down from the federal government. If we are serious about stemming […]
  • During the pandemic, the Trump administration eased consumer protections that stemmed from the 2008 housing crisis. Now, Wall Street is gearing up for another property-grabbing bonanza. “We’re in the very early stage, really, of being able to prevent that problem of rental units going offline or being acquired by investors whose only motive is to […]
  • Discussing housing policy in left-wing spaces I often run into an argument which is, essentially "building more units doesn't help with the housing shortage because so many will be bought by speculators with no intention of living there." This view, however, implies there's an excellent opportunity to get a ton of housing built at the […]
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