Aug 04

As a rental property owner in Milwaukee the following items should rank high on your list of concerns. (Just a draft)

EPA Renovator Rules (lead paint)

  • How to comply in a cost effective and efficient manner
  • How do you avoid career ending mistakes given the nature of the work we perform, the amount of urgent response repairs and the educational level of the workforce typical to our industry.
  • See:

Landlord licensing

Yes, this is being shopped around City hall today

  • Costs
  • Targeting, political attacks.

Eviction court challenges

  • Constant changes to slow the process and increase costs.
  • The unintended consequence may be an increase in illegal “self help” tactics

Utility rate increases

Runaway government expenses applied to property owners

  • Property taxes
  • Property assessment schemes that shift tax burdens from the outlying homeowners to lower income neighborhoods.
  • Water bills and so called user fees for items that should be taxes.
  • Fees, fees and more fees
  • Improper use of reinspection fees and repeat “litter” fees

Tenant issues

  • Economy affecting tenants’ ability to pay rent
  • lack of tenant responsibility

DNS (building) inspections

  • Inspectors in the middle of evictions
  • Exterior complaints based on improper reasons i.e. white neighbors using DNS and aldermen for their racially discriminatory agenda
  • The culture of hatred at DNS towards rental owners

Efforts to restrict access to CCAP /  creation of a protected housing class for criminals

Plummeting property values

  • many owners are  “underwater”

Litigation and fear of litigation

  • This is compounded by increasing insurance exempted coverage.

Fragmentation of our industry

  • This is the reason we are in this mess.

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