Sep 18

Just click the link below to create a letter to your Congressperson and Senator. It will take only a couple of minutes.

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Tuesday, September 15 (Washington, DC): Today, the Bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus announced a compromise proposal on another round of COVID-19 stimulus. While details are still coming out, the package reportedly includes rental assistance of up to $25 billion. What’s more, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today announced that the House will stay in session “until we have a deal.” These are both positive signs; however, the CDC’s eviction moratorium is still in place so it is vital that a dedicated, robust rental assistance program be enacted!

Please tell Congress that an eviction moratorium by itself will devastate the apartment industry and does nothing to protect apartment communities and the 17.5 million jobs supported by the industry. We MUST have a robust rental assistance program!

An eviction moratorium may keep residents in their homes in the short term, but it will just put them months behind in their payments that they will struggle to ever make up.

And, months of rental defaults will cripple our industry’s ability to protect our communities, pay our employees and meet our own financial obligations. Already, we are seeing smaller independent owners drain their reserves to keep their businesses afloat while some residents have been unable or unwilling to pay.

Please contact your members of Congress TODAY before it’s too late and tell them to pass emergency rental assistance and not eviction moratoriums! 

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