Jul 05

Many of you know how I raved about JOTT.com, a service that allowed you to call in from your cell phone and leave yourself a message.   When you returned to your office you had an email with a fairly accurate text of the note you just left yourself.

This was one of the greatest boost to my field effectiveness in years.  No more little scraps of paper, no more forgetting something – it was near perfect.

Then Bam! They discontinued the service as of May 3rd.  I felt like I lost half of my brain.

Over the weekend I tried a new service.  ReQall.com.  I like it.  In fact I like it a lot. It’s like having the other half of my brain back!

3 Responses to “Finally… a Jott replacement that works”

  1. John Fabrega says:


    I’d like to invite you to try/review our service at http://www.TalkScribe.com. It’s certainly not as cheap as Jott, Reqall, or Google Voice, but I believe the level of accuracy outshines them all. Many Jott ‘orphans’ have found a happy new home here.


    • Tim Ballering says:

      I had looked at the TalkScribe Web site, but ReQall seemed like a better option for my purpose, which is a bunch of very short notes each day.

      It also seemed to me that TalkScribe was more cumbersome to sign up for a trial.

      Having used ReQall for a while now I am still pretty happy with it and feel it is on par with what we had with Jott.

      If you believe some of the Mac rumor sites the best answer may be built into iOS 5.

  2. […] years ago I used a voice to email app, Jott.  Then six or seven years ago I wrote that Jott shut down, but I found a replacement that I liked, Reqall.  That too met a similar fate. I tried another, […]

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