Apr 07

Rental housing advocates on all sides must work together, more so today than ever, and it was important back in the BC days. (Before COVID) 

We must work collaboratively with tenant advocates, whom some perceive to be on the “other” side. Advocates and rental owners are more like two sides of the same coin. You would not survive as a landlord without tenants, and tenants need the housing we provide.

There will be legislation and new rules impacting rental housing… SOON. Whether the changes will help both tenants and owners, or whether that legislation causes long term problems, will be determined by whether our voice is heard.

The Apartment Association of Southeastern WI has good people working on our behalf on these issues, Heiner Giese and Joe Murray, plus a dedicated Board and membership.

The Wisconsin Apartment Association has good people working on our behalf on these issues, Gary Goyke, and Chris Mokler, plus a dedicated Board and membership. 

All four lobbyists work collaboratively with each other and with the other stakeholders regardless of political affiliations. 

Legal Action and Community Advocates are working to find help for tenants so they can pay rent. Amazingly, their messages have been that tenants still must pay rent even though they cannot be evicted until at least May 27th.

These efforts to be heard and understood at the statehouse take time, energy, and, sadly, money.

You can do your part to help us help you by joining one or both groups. Not only are you supporting the industry that helps support you, but you will be in the “know” sooner than those who are not members of apartment associations.

I’ve been a member of the Apartment Association of Southeastern WI since 1989, and a board member for nearly all of those years. As of today, I am also a member of the Wisconsin Apartment Association. 

Links to join:

Apartment Association of Southeastern WI

Wisconsin Apartment Association:


Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for the associations. Do it for you.;-)

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