Aug 19

Hey folks

It election time again…at the Apartment Association.

Here is a real opportunity to help change the industry, the direction of the association and your life. Yes, and improve your life. As an AASEW board member you will see opportunities and pitfalls facing our industry well in advance of others. You will help decide which issues we should address and what resources the association should provide.

Back in the 1980’s I looked at joining the Association, but was reluctant because I did not see it as addressing my needs and concerns. Then John Chitko, Jeff’s Dad, said the one thing that changed my life probably more than anything else: ‘This is an all volunteer group. Join, put your ideas out there. If they have merit people will support them, if not you’ll learn something’

Taking John’s challenge and becoming actively involved with the board taught me so much and propelled my business far beyond were it would have been otherwise. Ask any former board member – I am certain you will not find one who will not tell you they came away with more than they gave.

You say ‘I don’t know all that much about landlording, what can I contribute?’ I did not know that much either when I first became a board member many, many years ago. I only  knew there were things in my industry that needed to be changed.

So take John’s challenge and improve your life.

Requirements: Member of the AASEW for six months

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