Jul 01

On the Apartment Association email discussion board (free and open for anyone to join) there was a comment that the reduction in evictions “Seems obvious since couldn’t evict for 3 months.

Yes, it was obvious to those of us actually involved in housing.

But, some folks and the media were predicting a “tsunami” of evictions after the moratorium ended May 26th that would push us way past prior-year eviction counts in a single month.

For example, the Journal reported: “Predicted surge comes true: Eviction filings jump over 40% in Milwaukee County and state” citing a single week over week increase, using the first week that most evictions could be filed after the moratorium.

Owners are working with tenants more now than ever.

Groups such as the Apartment Association of Southeastern WI and the WI Apartment Association are working with Community Advocates and Legal Action to find resources to help tenants pay rent in ways never seen before.

Both “sides” understand that owners need their tenants to succeed for owners to remain viable, and tenants need owners to succeed for housing to remain available and viable.

My company has pledged to attempt mediation before eviction and waived late fees beginning in April, a month before the moratorium.

We need to remain vigilant as the true economic crisis may come later this year if the economy doesn’t rebound and /or the virus does. Regardless of your political leanings, the one thing we can all do is wear masks in public. If they do work, and I believe there is a value in wearing masks, then wearing a mask will keep infection rates down and allow businesses to remain open. If mask does not work, no harm, no foul.

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