Oct 10

WI Governor Evers, without much mention and no fanfare has just added an additional $10 Million to the Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program.

Everyone in housing, whether they are a renter or a housing provider, owes Governor Evers a large thank you!

Press release from the WAA/AASEW/WRA joint effort is below

Helping Hands for Housing Statement on Expanded WRAP Program

“Helping Hands for Housing applauds and appreciates the Evers’ administration’s efforts to keep financially struggling Wisconsinites in their homes. The $10 million extended pool of Wisconsin Rental Assistance Program (WRAP) funding helps ensure that rental property owners will be provided the necessary relief to maintain properties and help their tenants stay in their homes. This program is a vital lifeline for those who provide housing to more than a million renters in Wisconsin. With no further action coming from Congress at this time, it is essential that programs like WRAP are funded so rental property owners and landlords continue to provide the essentials to their tenants during this pandemic. We encourage Congress to follow the Evers’ administration’s lead and pass federal legislation to provide continued funding for rental assistance programs directly to housing providers, in order to protect renters’ access to affordable housing and our nation’s critical rental housing sector.”

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