Feb 17

No single idea, thought or policy has done as much harm to urban American than the political expediency of ignoring occupants’ responsibilities.  While Milwaukee certainly does not maintain a monopoly on these ill-conceived ideas, we are a front runner.

Take today’s Journal article on snow removal as a timely, but far from unique example.

“A city ordinance requires snow and ice to be removed or prevented from posing a hazard on sidewalks within 24 hours after snow has stopped falling. If the city is forced to provide the service, property owners – not their renters – are charged $93 for a 60-foot lot and a $25 administration fee for the first occurrence. That administration fee grows to $50 for each subsequent occurrence”

Any tenant reading this article thinks ‘And here that no good son of a sewer rat I rent from put in the lease that I had to shovel.  Even the Journal says it’s his job, not mine.  No way I’m going out there in the cold and do his job!.’ Continue reading »

Feb 07

Some days there seems to be no limit to attempts to cheat rental property owners out of their hard earned money. Tenants, the City and WE Energies all seem to stay awake nights figuring how to get your last few bucks.

In the past month many owners have asked ‘What is my responsibility to pay for separately metered utilities when the tenant moves or doesn’t place the account in their name?’ and then go on to tell their tale of woe, describing how WE Energies is attempting to extract money from them for utilities they do not believe they owe. Continue reading »

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