Dec 19

As most of you know, the Association membership elects the board in November and then the board elects the president from those elected to the board in December.

In December 2008 Tristan Pettit graciously accepted the challenges and responsibilities of being the AASEW president.

Last year Tristan was hesitant to accept the position again citing the amount of work it entails but acquiesced to the will of the board. Arm twisting and thumbscrews had the desired effect.

This year Tristan was emphatic stating that he could not accept another term. His growing law practice is more demanding and he wishes to spend more time with his year and a half old son. Both worthy pursuits. Fear not, though. Even as Tristan is no longer president, he remains an active board member.

I was president of the AASEW for a decade and will attest to the tremendous amount of work that comes with the position.

Don’t feel bad for AASEW presidents. They are rewarded by learning more about the industry than could otherwise be learned. This benefit far outweighs the efforts put forth. I now know the quickest way to excel at a trade or profession is to jump in and become active in something like our board.

After Tristan made his intentions known we were very fortunate to have Joe Dahl step forward and express an interest in leading the Association for 2013.

Many of you met Joe when he spoke at our August meeting. Joe has an MBA, is the President of Milwaukee Metro Management and has been featured in a Journal article on his profitable renovation and preservation activities. Joe is also energetic and dynamic.

I was psyched when we landed Tristan as president with his impressive knowledge of landlord tenant law, which included drafting the standardized forms available at Wisconsin Legal Blank.

I’ve had meetings with Joe and those encounters leave me equally enthused that Joe has accepted the challenge to become president of the AASEW. Those of you who have heard him speak know of his enthusiasm and desire to move this association forward.

Joe brings with him a new, forward thinking, larger vision for the future AASEW. He has also taken the bold step of asking long time member, Bill Peretz, of ABC Sewer who recently joined the board, to assist him.

While Joe has the fresh views and big ideas, Bill is old school and wants to see events like the Trade Show return to their former glory. Both Bill and Joe have set a goal of getting more owners involved with the Association. A large, stronger membership is essential to achieving any other goals we may have.

This combination is bound to move us beyond where we are today without losing our heritage. Of course Tristan, Dave, Richard, Kim, Wendy, Ralph and I are still on the board to assist in seeing that we stay true to our core goals and values.

Tim Ballering


Dec 11

You Are Naturally Short Housing

Your house is not an asset. It is a hedge.

You are born with a natural short housing position. For the rest of your life, you will need somewhere to live. Ideally, somewhere with a roof. To use a (slightly tortured) trading analogy, you are born with a short housing position.

Read the full article (It’s worth reading)

Dec 08

As of the First of December Milwaukee property owners owe a whopping $60,527,762 in delinquent property taxes. Yes $60 million dollars. This amount does not include the interest and penalties that are due.

Forty one percent are owner occupants.  2575 of balances are greater than $5,000.  Some have taxes due back to 2000, yes eleven years of back taxes.

Study it yourself with the City Treasurer’s Data

Prediction: A lot more foreclosures are on the horizon

Dec 01


Every year the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin’s Holiday party is theevent to socialize with other owners in Southeast WI.

This event brings out many of our long term members who may not often attend general meetings.  These folks are the wisdom of the industry.

You must be an  Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin member or guest to attend. No better time than today to join.  To join call 414-276-7378 or go online at:

The Apartment Association of Southeastern WI Sign Up


Monday, December 10th.  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m.

The Clarion Hotel 5311 S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee

$30.00 per person, includes appetizers, dinner, coffee and dessert and door prizes prizes! Cash bar.


More details on the holiday party are posted at:

Apartment Association of Southeastern WI

Dec 01

In addition to possibly increasing the middle income tax burden, some of the proposed changes may cause real estate values to fall up to 15%.

The effect will most likely hit neighborhoods with the highest rates of owner occupancy the hardest.

This is similar to how Milwaukee short changed owner occupants when they shifted various costs from property taxes to the water bill. By that move a few hundred dollars that were deductible as property taxes simply became a nondeductible out of pocket expense.

Read the LA Times’ view on removing tax deductions for homeowners.




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