Aug 04

Read the National Housing Coalition letter  to Congress and the Senate. It is a worthy read, even if you are disinclined to reach out to your elected officials, but you should call/write your Senator and Congressperson.

Who are my Senator and Congressperson, you ask?

Find my Congressperson
Find my Senator

No harm in asking your local elected officials to support these efforts as well. You can find your State Senator and Representative on the Wisconsin Legislature home page. The search box is on the right, just below the picture. Tell them you understand they do not directly control Federal legislation, but ask if they could please talk to their party about this.

Also no harm in presenting this to your local elected officials. They hold more political power than many believe. In Milwaukee those folks are:
Mayor Barrett
Common Council
County Supervisors

What are you waiting for… Go make some noise! 😉

Protecting renters and housing

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