Jun 28

I was preparing to write an in depth article about additional risk the training requirement delay presents for unwary contractors and property owners. Then I came across an article by Craig Webb at ProSales that covers the subject matter well.  I will simply  add:

While many are applauding the delayed implementation of the training rule as a win, it is not.  In fact it exposes those who are not trained to greater risks.  You still must comply with all other portions of the rule, but without benefit of learning what is required of you.

I have this vision of drunk football fans high fiving each as their team scores. Yet, their team is still down by 21 with two minutes and ten seconds remaining in the fourth.  Likewise, as some are claiming a victory with the delayed training, they may not want to face the cold hard fact that instead of better, the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule may just become a whole lot worse due to the pending dust clearance rule.

Also note that the delayed enforcement of the training rules does not affect WI as our program is not run by the EPA.  Same applies to IA, KS, MS, NC, OR, RI, UT.

So instead of celebrating – go get trained.

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