Apr 03

You can only show vacant units. The Governor’s order prohibits landlords from entering occupied units except for emergency maintenance.

You should not be present when showing. We need to do this social distancing thing right so more of us live and the economy returns so we can buy toilet paper and eggs.

What we (Affordable Rentals)are doing is:

  • A person calls for an appointment.
  • We confirm the appointment and then send a person out to unlock the door 15 minutes in advance. Wiping the door handle clean.
  • We ask that people do not touch light switches, door knobs, faucets etc.
  • We then send someone to lock up 30 minutes after the appointed time.
  • We switched to using online applications. We built our own, in a week, but for smaller owners there is Cozy.com and Zillow rental manager. Remember if you are not paying for a product, you may be the product.
  • We now accept unemployment as stable income due to changes that make it more reliable pretty much till the end of the year

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