Feb 08

Just over a week ago HUD issued a new guidance document on service animals and emotional support animal accommodations for housing providers It is 19 pages. There is a lot to digest.

The HUD press release on assistance animals is worth reading as well.

At first read I did not feel the new document was that helpful in addressing abuses by some pet owners and the internet “service animal document mills” that aim to exploit both pet owner and housing providers.

Once I got into it a bit more, I believe that this will help greatly reduce the amount of “service dog’ fraud, while protecting those who need assistance animals.

We are working on a flowchart and other tools for owners to use in making proper determinations.

Stay tuned for more.

2 Responses to “HUD Guidance on Support Animals”

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  2. Karen Culbertson says:

    I did read all 19 pages but not the footnotes. There is hope in this document, as there are more definitive information on expectations for both tenant and landowner. However the section regarding the more nuanced ’emotional’ needs, and animals that may be a solution – is still a grey area. Lighter shades of grey but still grey. For example, how does “requestor has substantial burden to prove” play out for the landowner. Or animal “assisting person with dealing in disabilitating-related stress/pain” management be proven without grey area.

    Also if an animal has to be fenced to keep area safe outside said enclosure, how doe that protect me as owner > when on my own property. I am thinking of the dog that kills a family member known to it.
    In this area the area is quite grey- to black. Thoughtfully submitted.

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