Mar 01

File under “Buying Single Family Rentals Has a Downside”

Our crew shows up to work on a vacant property this morning and finds the siding and storm windows gone. It was an okay looking place yesterday. Now it needs to be resided.







At least this time they did not steal the plumbing and electric wiring.

A year ago a similar thing happened.  A tenant that lived in another of our homes a couple doors away saw the neighbor stripping our property and called 911.  The police said ‘have your landlord file a report so he can file an insurance claim’ and did not send out a squad.  By the end of the weekend the neighbor had stripped all the plumbing, heating and electric wiring from the house.

I sent the police and the DA photos my tenant took showing the neighbor loading the siding on to his car.    We ended up razing the property as the damage was so extensive.

No one was ever prosecuted, even though the damage exceeded ten grand.

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