Jun 21

Desmond says eviction filings are rising. “In Milwaukee, for example, evictions are up 38 percent last week from where they should be on a typical week in June in Milwaukee,” he says.


This is accurate for the single week chosen, which was the first week when most evictions could be filed after the moratorium on notices, and the courts having been closed for months.

But it is a grave distortion of the overall facts, even if you only look at the month of June.

The greater truth is YTD evictions are down 40% year over year in Milwaukee and down 34% year over year statewide. I expect as June plays out those percentages will close a bit, but we will not see anywhere close to 2019 eviction rates.

Landlords never “profit” from evictions. It is always a money-losing, stressful time for everyone.

Property owners and managers are now working with tenants more than before to avoid court as this is a hard time for everyone.

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