Jun 17

Two articles caught my attention today.  The first from the Calculated Risk blog:

As more inventory comes on the market, buyer urgency will wane and price increases will slow and even decline seasonally in many areas this winter. IMO this will be another step towards a more normal housing market.

The second from the Wall Street Journal:

Although rates are rising, fears that this will derail the housing recovery are overblown. There is still plenty of demand for the housing market’s limited offerings before the word “bubble” should enter the discussion




One Response to “Real Estate Bubble v. 2.0?”

  1. Jaime Vega says:

    Tim, I am the registered agent that own a property on 1655 South First Street. (Near Butters Fetting). The LLC has fallen on hard times and we MUST sell the building! I’m reaching out to you and all your talented constituents to see in anyone has interest.

    Great opportunity and no reasonable offer will be refused! Asking 40,000 valued at 51,000.

    Again, I’d appreciate any opportunity before the bank takes it!

    vegaj@matc.edu Owned by Bad Dogs on Couches LLC 414-659-3252

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