Feb 25

On its surface the article is about homelessness in Seattle, but it outlines many of the challenges we will face in coming years such as rent control and programs favoring public housing over private.


You may ask, for example, what is wrong with supporting public housing?  
Public housing would be great if it provided housing to those who are often “unrentable” in the private market such as those with serial evictions, recent or serious criminal convictions, addiction issues, poor housekeepers, sex offenders, etc. 

Yet public housing screening policies often exclude those difficult to house populations, while directly completing with private sector owners, taking the best tenants due to their incentivized rents.  So we are ultimately competing with our own tax dollars working against us. 

One Response to “They say that “the rent is too damn high” explains everything.”

  1. Bill says:

    I agree with your thoughts about public housing be designated to help the “unrentable”.
    The particular tenants that fit into that category need options and if the public housing spots are being filled with quality tenants who are simply looking for subsidies it creates a real problem, like homelessness.
    It seems so many government plans to fix a problem simply create knew problems they should ahve been aware of from the start.


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