Oct 27

Saturday I had just locked up the office and heading home as I saw a U-  Haul truck pull up. Thinking perhaps they were a move in that arrived late I asked if I could help them.

Well seemed that they were in need of an apartment immediately.  Sorry it takes at least 3 days for us to process an app and you have to see an apartment first I told them as I  started getting back into my truck.

‘Wait! Wait!’ the older lady  yelled. ‘We used to be one of your best tenants before we moved to Chicago and we have all the money for rent and deposit’

Well if they were indeed prior good tenants, then we could do something for them. I reopened the office and pulled up their records. Yes they had been tenants.

No they were not one of our  best tenants. In fact we evicted them in June of 2006 and they  retaliated by breaking all the windows as they left. I pointed this  out to the lady. Her adult son said ‘See Momma, I told this was ONE of the landlords that evicted us.’

As they walked I ran a CCAP.  Indeed two other owners had evicted them after us, and neither was in Chacago.

I am sure that some landlord was willing to take their $1,200  Saturday afternoon and will not regret it until at least mid December.

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