Sep 19

For the past two weeks I was in Brooklyn NY helping my wife with a big seminar she was putting on for her business, the Event Decorating Academy.   My involvement on tour dates is mostly lifting heavy things,  running to the Home Depot and various vendors for materials and keeping the computers running.

Carmen leaving FLL for NYC

Carmen as she leaves Ft Lauderdale airport for NYC. The Skycap asked if she was moving

So when she is on tour I drive around a lot.  This trip I got to see a large part of Brooklyn, queens and a bit of Manhattan as we have a number of suppliers for the Event Decor Mart located in NYC.  I was was in some nice areas and some not so nice areas.  We rented a condo for the two weeks in Mill Basin Brooklyn using  Very nice area.  It was far nicer to have a two story townhouse with three baths than a couple of hotel rooms.  I will use again.

I was absolutely shocked at the lack of for sale signs and appearance of vacant, abandoned homes and residential properties.  The foreclosure crisis does not appear to have had nearly the impact in NYC as it did to us in Milwaukee.

I was talking this over with a buddy.  He felt  the health of housing is reflective of the local job market.  I have to agree.

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