Apr 18

Make sure you have only one person at each job site.

In the case of emergency work in occupied units that requires more than one person, be sure to document the need. Error on the side of one person only. Mask and gloves are a good idea for the protection of staff and tenants

Below is the relevant part of the Governor’s order:

Individuals may leave their homes or residences only for the following functions as are defined in this Order:
a. Essential Activities (defined in section 11);
b. Essential Governmental Functions (defined in section 12);
c. To operate Essential Businesses and Operations (defined 1n section 13);
d. To perform non-essential Minimum Basic Operations (defined in section 14);

Section 3. Prohibited activities. All public and private gatherings of any number of people that are not part of a single household or living unit are prohibited, except for the limited purposes expressly permitted in this Order. Nothing in this Order prohibits the gathering of members of a single household or living unit. Landlords or rental property managers shall avoid entering leased residential premises unless emergency maintenance is required.

Section 10. Essential Infrastructure. For purposes of this Order, individuals may leave their residence to provide any services or perform any work necessary to offer, provide, operate, maintain, and repair Essential Infrastructure.

Essential Infrastructure includes, but is not limited to: food production, distribution, fulfillment centers, storage facilities, marinas, and sales; construction (including, but not limited to, construction required in response to this public health emergency, hospital construction, construction of long-term care and assisted living facilities, public works construction, school construction, Essential Business and Operations construction, construction necessary for Essential Governmental Functions, and housing construction, except that optional or aesthetic construction should be avoided except as permitted as a Minimum Basic Operation); building management and maintenance; …

Section 13. Essential Businesses and Operations. For the purposes of this Order, Essential Businesses and Operations means Healthcare and Public Health Operations, Human Services Operations, Essential Infrastructure, and Essential Governmental Functions, and the following:…

m. Hardware and supplies stores. Hardware stores and businesses that sell electrical, plumbing, heating, and construction material.

n. Critical trades. Building and Construction Tradesmen and Tradeswomen, and other trades including but not limited to plumbers, electricians, carpenters, laborers, sheet metal, iron workers, masonry, pipe trades, fabricators, finishers, exterminators, pesticide application, cleaning and janitorial staff for commercial and governmental properties, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC, painting, moving and relocation services, forestry and arborists, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, Essential Activities, Essential Governmental Functions, and Essential Businesses and Operations….

Section 14. Minimum Basic Operations. For the purposes of this Order, Minimum Basic Operations include the following, provided that employees comply with Social Distancing Requirements, to the extent possible, while carrying out such operations:…

g. Aesthetic or optional exterior work. Minimum Basic Operations may include aesthetic or optional exterior residential construction and lawn care, if all the operations are performed by one person in a room or confined space, including a car or truck. No more than one employee or worker may be on the site at a time. Services may not require a signature by the recipient. Aesthetic or optional exterior work requiring more than one person on the site are prohibited.

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